International Business Management: Short Programme (English)

Short Programme of the Bachelor’s Degree International Business Management

Locatie: Mechelen -Campus De Vest

Do you dream of an international business career? 

  • You already have a higher education degree? Check with the study counselor the options for your shortened programme or your exemption package.  
  • You will develop a thorough insight into business economics, with a broad view of the various functions within an organisation. 
  • You will explore cultural differences and their impact on foreign trade.  
  • By combining language courses in Chinese, German, Spanish, French or Dutch, your studies will pave the way for an inspiring international career.  
  • The theoretical knowledge and insights you acquire come together with pragmatic models and practical skills to
    make a real impact.  
  • International experience and networks will add substance to your CV. 

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Saskia Verswijvel
Programme coordinator a.i.
For all your questions on the content and promotion of the programme.
Rudy Geens
Programme manager
Questions about the programme.
Kristien Versteynen
Kristien Versteynen
Study counsellor
Questions about your individual study programme.
Ariane Buysschaert
Ariane Buysschaert
Care Coordinator
For all your questions on studying with use of facilities



Your experience is the added value

Be a part of a talented, diverse and international class and experience the true meaning and power of interculturality first hand. Start building your international network from day one along with the foundations of a rich and rewarding career!  


Prepare for a professional career

Put theory into practice right from the word “go”. With extensive hands-on project work, real-life business cases, international conferences and a 4-month international internship that fully immerse you in the exciting, fast-paced world of global business. Your international network will be well established by the time you graduate.


International support team at your service

The International Support team is the first stop for international students. They help with registering at the town hall, opening a bank account, finding a community of fellow students or just someone to talk to. Stop by our front desk at James on Campus De Vest or send us an email.

Education program

  • Targeted students
  • In practice
  • Personal coaching
  • Go international
  • Targeted students

    You already have a higher education degree (bachelor or master) in international business or tourism. Contact our study counsellor since the duration and content of your shortened programme will depend on your previous programme. The study counsellor will be happy to examine with you the possibilities of a shortened programme or your exemption package.

  • In practice

    In this short programme, you will take all courses in English, together with international students. This will allow you to improve your interpersonal and communication skills, preparing you to operate effectively in the globalised business world of the 21st century.

  • Personal coaching

    At Thomas More you can always count on personalised counselling and coaching.

  • Go international

    To able to operate in a globalised world, you will complete an international internship during your programme. You can gain international experience anywhere in the world. In the past students have done internships in the US, China, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, Dubai, France, Germany, Russia, Mexico ...

Na je studie

  • The job of your life
  • Working in Belgium
  • The job of your life

    • Business developer
    • Import/Export manager
    • International entrepreneur
    • Business owner
    • International sales manager
    • International project manager
    • Consultant 
  • Working in Belgium

    Search Year

    International students can now apply for a new residence permit status upon graduation so they can extend their stay in Belgium up to 12 months to find work! Eager to launch your career in Belgium after your studies? No sweat! We’re here to help you navigate the Search Year application process. 

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