Student life

Your student days are the best days of your life … But also a new and exciting start, right? Don’t worry, we are very happy to guide you! Together with the student associations, Student Services organises activities on all campuses to help you get to know your fellow student a bit better. This is also an excellent opportunity to discover the range of cultural and sports activities on offer for the new academic year. 

Already a student at Thomas More? Read more about sports, leisure or student associations on the student portal.

Sports & culture

You can buy a the Student Services sports card for €20. This card enables you to exercise for almost a whole year in sports clubs and societies in the vicinity of your campus. But we also like to sponsor your sport or cultural activities! For instance:

  • 50% discount on your cinema, sports event, escape room … ticket when you go out with 5 or more people
  • An initial budget for the organisation of your own event
  • Transport: money for a bus or train ticket  

To be baptised or not?

At the start of the academic year, you can join a student association of your choice. All student associations help  to provide an active student life on and off campus. Want to be baptised? Our student associations have to comply with the initiation code of Thomas More.

At home in your college city

Student Services wants you to feel at home on campus and in your college city. A delicious meal, sporty activities and online events, a diary full of great tips to help you to unwind in the evening! But we also offer brain food and mental support during your study/exam period or a helpful chat when things aren’t going that well. 

Student job

Are you looking for a student job? Why not at the college? We regularly need extra help with enrolments, info days, events … and you are our ideal Thomas More ambassador. Send us a mail at and apply!


The hashtag #wearemore wasn’t a random choice … Thomas More is so much more than a college. It is a community, one we want you to be part of! A living, growing community, thanks to its students, lecturers and staff. That’s what makes us all ‘more’. Follow our students’ experiences and the activities on our various campuses via our Instagram or the Facebook page of the International Students