Combining studies and entrepreneurship

Do you want to combine your studies with entrepreneurship?  We’ll work out an arrangement for you in which your study obligations are tailored as much as possible to your business activity, for example exam facilities (moving exams), internships, replacement assignments for permanent evaluations ... Note: the application must be renewed annually. Student entrepreneurs can also be professionally supervised by the Starters Service to take their business plan to a higher level.

Applying for facilities

1. Check whether you meet the minimum requirements

To qualify for facilities, you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • You lead an already established company.
  • You have a concrete idea and can submit a business plan. If a new product is developed, the feasibility of offering a marketable product or service within 12 months must also be demonstrated. This must show a clear growth perspective.
  • You participate in a competition recognised by Thomas More with your idea or company. In that case, the status can only be granted for the duration of the competition and if the student has passed the first selection round.

Some recognised competitions are:

  • Bizidee
  • Battle of Talents
  • Bryo
  • Enactus

2. Complete the online application form

You fill in the online application form (coming soon) no later than one month before you need certain facilities.

3. The entrepreneurship coordinator will contact you to discuss the file

Every application is assessed individually. Based on the application and the interview, the entrepreneur coordinator can recognise the student as entrepreneur. He offers advice with regard to the facilities that may be useful to combine activities for the company and studying.

Send the following documents to the company coordinator prior to the meeting: 

  • motivation letter
  • description of the idea or business plan of the company
  • certificates (company number, affiliation of social insurance fund, registration as a self-employed person with a health insurance fund, ...)
  • description of time investments
  • future perspective
  • discussion of entrepreneurship skills

4. The programme manager decides on the allocation of facilities

The entrepreneurship coordinator offers his advice to the course coordinator. The programme manager decides on the allocation of facilities and informs the student.

More information

Fill out the online application form (coming soon).

For more information, please contact the entrepreneurship coordinators Marc Clerkx (Thomas More Campus Geel, Lier, Turnhout and Vorselaar) or Jean-Michel Willems (Thomas More Campus Antwerp, Mechelen and De Nayer).