Finding your way to our campus!  

Train, bus, car or bike? Take your pick! 

New in our country? Already familiar with the bicycle hype in Belgium? Taken the train yet to Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels or one of our other famous cities? Or maybe you prefer the bus?  
No worries, we’re happy to guide you along the way and tell you all about our transport offers! As a student, you will also find more information on the student portal.  


Commuting by train? Buy a SNCB season ticket and take advantage of the student discount! 

With a school season ticket, you can travel unlimitedly for 1, 3 or 12 months. This is ideal when you take the train each day. You can also easily combine this with a bus pass. Do not forget to take the document especially for this school season ticket with you when you go to a railway station to buy the school season ticket. With this document you can prove you are registered at Thomas More. 

As a student with your own student room, a ‘Student Multi’ card is even more interesting. 

You should be aware that sometimes, when travelling by train, you might have to walk a bit from the train station to your campus. But don’t worry, you can also take the bus to your campus!  


In Flanders, we only have one bus service called ‘De Lijn’. In Wallonia, the bus service is called ‘le TEC’. This is helpful to know when you want to check for buses. Both bus services have an application with which you can easily plan your trips. You can find routes and timetables on their website
If you are younger than 25, the Buzzy Pazz is ideal for you. With this pass, you can travel with almost all of the ‘De Lijn’ buses and trams in Flanders and Brussels.  


You can also carpool using our ‘Toogethr’ app. With this application you can easily find a carpool partner, even outside your group or course programme. You can choose which car you’d like to drive along with. The compensation will be mutually agreed (with your new friend)! A cool advantage: you can save points with each registered or confirmed drive and win nice gifts.   


As you may have noticed by now, many students in Belgium use a bike as their go-to vehicle. Luckily, there aren’t any big mountains in our country but be aware that there might be some thieves lurking around! It is best to lock your bike all the time and everywhere.

City bike

Thomas More offers students the possibility to rent a city bike at 40 euro per semester.

Our bikes have many advantages:

  • the bike is fully checked and maintained annually,
  • it’s an eye-catching bike that will have less chance of theft
  • and all bikes come with an extra chain lock. 

Book here your student bike if you want to have a Thomas More bike! 

Students in Antwerp can rent a bike at LevantoVelo, Blue-bike, cloudbike, Swapfiets and Cyclant. Plenty of choice, don't you think?

Electric bicycles 

Do you live far away from the campus? Do you want to cycle to your internship? In this case an electric bike might come in handy! 

Thomas More offers 2 types (when in stock): 

  • a standard e-bike with pedal assistance up to 25 km/hour  
  • a speed-bike with pedal assistance up to 45 km/hour (driving license required) 

Rent or buy? 

You can rent our electric bikes with a hire-purchase system. This means that you can choose to buy the bike after a while or when you end your studies at Thomas More. The rental fee that has already been paid will be reduced from the purchase price. And of course, you can decide to stop renting the bike at any time.

The rental price of a standard e-bike is 60 euro a month. For a speed-bike, you pay 100 euro a month.  

More information? Take a look here

Your own luxurious bike 

Coming to one of our campuses with your own racing or electric bike? Most campuses have bike sheds on site. Ask for these locked bicycle sheds. 

Bicycle repair point Campus Geel 

Did your own bicycle or the Thomas More bike break down? Our student repairers of the bicycle repair shop are happy to help you.